Trough-Hole-Reflow (THR)

Our connectors in Through-Hole-Reflow technology base on our successful WECO terminal connector series 930, 950, 970 as well as on the pin-strip series 120-M, which we have significantly improved. The soldering process in THR technology ensures thereby a cost-saving and lead-free reflow soldering.

THR technology involves the insertion of pinned components through solder paste prepared contact holes in PCB boards which are then reflow-soldered via a reflow soldering machine. Our terminal housings are made of high quality, temperature resistant materials. Distance spacers on the base of the terminal housings assure enough space for the soldering paste and a good heat circulation. Moreover, an optical inspection of the soldered points is possible.

The minimal pin overhang under the PCB board (with thickness 1.6 mm) and the distance, assured by the distance spacers on the base of the terminal housings, cause a solid soldered joint. The pin positioning allows for optimal point density. The space saving on the circuit board is as good as in wave soldering processes.

Screw terminal connectors are available in 3 different sizes for conductors with ø 1 mm², 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm² and with centre to centre spacing of either 3.5 mm or 5 mm. 2 to 12 pole contact models are available with or without wire-protector as well as models with increased socket room and plug-in connectors to mate with other connectors from WECO's standard programme.

The pin-strip series 120-M-THR is available with straight or angled pins for horizontal or vertical mounting especially designed for your THR applications. They can also be used with the terminal connector series 120-A, -D and -F for numerous alternative connection possibilities.

All of WECO's THR components are compatible with PCB automation / robotic assembly processes and can, upon request, be supplied in Tape & Reel, Tray or Magazines for use with feeders and dispensers for all automated insertion machinery.


THR technology for direct terminal connections as well as for indirect connections purpose
many possible applications variations due to 3 mm and 5 mm center to center spacing combined with 3 different conductor sizes ø 1 mm², 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm²
compatible with PCB automation / robotic assembly processes
reliable mechanical strength of soldered points
manufactured in compliance with RoHS regulations

Typical areas of application:

Especially well suited for applications exposed to harsh environments with strong vibrations
Security technology
Intercom/Monitoring technology