Technical Information

Current carrying-capacity

T2 DIN EN 60998-1, Table 2 (excerpt)
Relation between rated connection abilities and testing current
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Technical data state a maximum rated current at which no thermal damage or malfunctions occur, if a certain ambient temperature and rated cross-section is provided. The rated current is a current which the terminal or connector can carry simultaneously at all contacts without exceeding the maximum permissible temperature limit.

Appropriate test currents are applied to the rated cross sections (see table T2). Depending on the connection type, the maximum permissible heating of the clamping unit is limited to 45 K (acc. to DIN 60998-1, Temperature Rise Test for PCB Connectors) and to 30 K (acc. to DIN 60512-5-1, Temperature Rise Test for Plug Connectors) Based on the results of the temperature rise test acc. to DIN EN 60512-5-2 and the rated cross-section, a current carrying curve (base curve) is generated under consideration of the upper temperature limit for the insulating material and depending on the ambient temperature.

This base curve is used to determine the current carrying capacity of PCB connectors. For plug connectors, the base curve is corrected by factor 0.8 (derating curve). The permissible current carrying capacity not only depends on the terminal design but also the final application of the terminal. The corresponding equipment specifications, e.g. DIN EN 60335-1 (VDE 0700-1) must be observed.