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Rated cross section

T1 DIN EN 60999-1, Table 1 (excerpt)
Relation between rated connection abilities and wires
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The current carrying capacity depends not only on the terminal design, but also on the application of the terminals. The appropriate specifications for the devices, e.g. DIN EN 60335-1 (VDE 0700-1), should be taken into account.

According to DIN EN 60999-1 / VDE 0609 part 1, the current cross section and respectively the rated connection ability of a connection referres to the wire cross section indicated by the manufacturer, to which determined thermal, mechanical and electrical requirements apply to.
The relationship between rated connection abilities and diameters of the wires is represented in table 1.
If nothing else is specified in the product standard, each connection point must be able to take up not only its rated cross section (rated connection ability) but also the next two lower cross sections.
Connecting points must be able to take up unprepared wires.
Regarded as unprepared wires are all cables stripped at their ends, whose form is adjusted before insertion or whose wires are twisted for the purpose of the solidification.
In the USA and Canada an identification is used by leader sizes (AWG) instead of the cross section indicated in mm².