Surface Mounted Device (SMD)

While conventional elements, such as resistances and condensers, have been soldered directly on the PCB with surface mount technology since the 80´s, the wired units, such as terminals and plug connectors are still led through holes and soldered on the backside of the printed circuit board.

In order to follow the requirements of the market on always smaller devices and low-priced manufacturing costs, WECO has made use of the principle of surface mount also for terminals and plug connectors in 3.5 mm and 5.0 mm pitch and was able to establish as an outrider in the electronics sector with these innovative developments.

The advantages for SMD technology also for terminals and plug connectors are clearly obvious: Higher density and reciprocal extent of utilization of the printed circuit board work against the always rising prices for PCBs. Since holes are not necessary any more, there is more clearance for the PCB layout.
Also the risk of broken PCBs, due to drilling damages, is reduced what is not insignificant if cheap PCBs are used.

Especially the problem of unevenness with low-priced printed circuit boards WECO took particularly care of. With a special patented development, the "floating" contact elements, which adapt to each board surface, WECO guarantees 100% coplanarity for their SMD connectors.

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