Household Appliance
Standard DIN EN/IEC 60335-1

List of manufacturer products affected
The following appliance categories are affected by the Household Appliance Standard DIN EN/IEC 60335-1:

Note: This categorization is only intended to provide better orientation and does not represent the exclusive scope of use for such appliances.

Kitchen devices
Kitchen appliances
Ranges, cooking hobs, roasting and baking ovens
Food processors
Electric skillets
Water kettles
Hot plates and similar appliances
Frying appliances, etc.
Food processors
Refrigerators and freezers
Ice cream machines
Extractor hoods
Other household appliances
Electric iron
Electric razor and hair clippers
Electric clocks
Sewing machines
Battery chargers
Water beds, particularly water bed heaters
Space heaters, such as radiant heaters, electric heaters
Skin treatment equipment, such as sunlamps, solariums, massage and inhalation devices, etc.
Grill appliances, toasters and similar portable cooking appliances
Thermal guns, such as hot-glue guns, etc.
Electrically-operated heat pumps, air conditioners, room air dehumidifiers
Vacuum cleaners
Spin dryers
Washing machines
Oral hygiene appliances, such as electric toothbrushes
Hair treatment devices, such as blow dryers, hood hair dryers, electric curlers, etc.
Electrical multi-function shower equipment
Electric toilets
Outdoor equipment
Water vacuums
Equipment for surface cleaning with steam or liquids, such as high-pressure cleaners, steam cleaners
Electric vending machines for cigarettes, beverages, candy, tickets
Home & garden
Warm water boilers and storage tanks
Electric garage doors, gates, entrance doors and windows
Electric roller shutters, awnings and blinds
Heatable roof drains
Push/walk-behind lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, lawn scarifiers and aerators
Electric aquarium and garden pond equipment, such as circulation pumps and lighting equipment, etc.
Gas, oil and solid fuel burners with electric connections
Industry / Craft
Massage devices, such massage chairs, massage benches, etc.
Floor treatment and wet scrubbing machines, such as floor polishers, etc.
Electric fences
Garment and towel dryers (for hotels)
Ironing machines and presses
Saunas, in particular sauna ovens
Electric warming cabinets, e.g. for medical instruments
Circulation pumps for heating and service water systems
Projectors, such as beamers, slide, film and overhead projectors
Milking machines
Electric heating equipment for animal husbandry and livestock farming
Electric fishery equipment
Electric animal stunners
Electric heating pads, electric blankets, heated mattress covers and other fitted heating devices
Electric heating mats and other flat heating elements
Electric storage heaters
Air purifying or treatment equipment, air humidifiers
Electric waterbaths, foot wells, whirlpools or whirlpool mats