Household Appliance
Standard DIN EN/IEC 60335-1

WECO products are compliant with the glow-wire test of the household appliance standard!
For the white goods market segment, WECO Contact GmbH offers an extensive range of PC board terminals and PC board plug connectors which meet the flame-resistance requirements of the Household Appliance Standard DIN EN/IEC 60335-1.

Molding materials used by WECO are tested and VDE-approved according to the glow-wire test requirements specified in DIN EN/IEC 60335-1. This applies for all standard WECO colors!

WECO products made of these molding materials are:

  • All products with PC board connection technology, except for versions with higher number of poles such as series 95.., 96.. and 97…,
  • terminal strips (catalogue 7), if purchased made of V-0 molding material (for unprinted versions, the part number ends with “EN6”),
  • other products. Feasibility must be checked individually.

WECO “no flame” products are designated with a small symbol on our label: