Guidelines for WECO quality management

We always try to fulfil customer needs and expectations with an all around advisory service and high quality products. It is our goal to enlarge the confidence in our company to assure a long-term and strong customer relationship. Our special concern is the consumer satisfaction.
The quality of products and services is determining for the economic success of WECO.
The exemption from error is our aspired aim, thereby error prevention takes priority over error correction. We advance this by a continuous improvement of our operating procedures and business behaviours.
Quality results from the engagement of satisfied and motivated colleagues. The high commitment of our colleagues is supported by the company through a fitting technical and organisational surrounding.
The cooperation with our suppliers is a main factor for the quality of our products. As a specialist and partner they bring their expert knowledge into the business.
Management system
All our activities are based on a certified management system of DIN EN ISO 9001:2018.

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