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Tab/screw connector blocks 307-PC / -PCM
307-PC / -PCM
This tab connector series 307 with black housing offers multiple combinations of straight and angular tab arrangements as well as straight screw connections.

Versatility and flexibility for the design of connection systems thanks to:

  • Versions with up to 21-poles
  • Three different tab widths (4.8 mm, 6.3 mm and 2 x 2.8/1 x 6.3)
  • Tab types with screw connectors
  • A multitude of tab arrangements and combinations
  • These tab connectors are designed for DIN 46247 tab receptacles. By means of metal rivets, they can be combined to packages with multiple connections (maximum six connections per pole) thus resulting in very low contact resistances.
    The wide range of variable placement combinations yields high packing density.

    The respective end of the tab connector features a standard empty pole for fastening purposes. Upon customer request, this empty pole can be moved to any other location thus providing maximum placement flexibility.

    This tab connector is often used for the grid connection of equipment but is also suitable for many other applications.

    Note: The corresponding tab receptacles for the connection of conductors are not part of our product portfolio or delivery extent.

    Please find further technical characteristics, photos and technical drawings in the correspondant data sheets.
    3D-STEP files are available upon request.

    The product

    Tab/screw connector blocks 307-PC / -PCM
  • 11 mm pitch
  • 2- to 21-pole design
  • Black housing
  • Star-shaped tab connector arrangement
  • Individual placement possible
  • Single-level placement with tab connectors (-PC)
  • Multi-level placement with tab connectors (-PCM)
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    Applications Devices
    In addition to angular tab connectors, we offer the variant 3070-PCM featuring parallel tabs. More information on this variant provides our data sheet:

    Data sheet 3070-PCM (Open / Download)
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