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Plug connector 970-FBW-FU-DS with supporting ribs
970-FBW-FU-DS (with supporting ribs)
Even a good product can be improved:
With the new 970-FBW-FU-DS, WECO has developed a plug connector variant suitable as counterpart for THR pin strips.
The bottom feet are of the same height as the pin strip housing. They ensure stable footing of the component on the PCB and compensate for compression forces.

In addition to this new feature, 970-FBW series plug connectors are suitable for large conductors. They are plugged onto the pin strips from the top. The pin diameter of 1.3 mm enables optimum plugging and pulling forces.

Suitable counterparts are e.g. our standard pin strips 971-SLR and 971-SLR-THR using pins of 1.3 mm diameter that are offset to 1.0 mm in the soldering area. Both variants are available Tape-on-Reel but also as variants with pins of continuously 1.3 mm pin diameter (bottom solder pin length is 2.8 mm) or as a variant with SMD pins – don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please find further technical characteristics, photos and technical drawings in the correspondant data sheets.
3D-STEP files are available upon request.

The product

Plug connector 970-FBW-FU-DS
  • 5 mm pitch
  • 2 to 12 poles
  • Supporting ribs for stable footing
  • Captive screws
  • Suitable for large conductors
  • Available with or without wire protector
  • Download Data sheet (Open / Download)
    approx. 205 KB
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