WECO's Commitment during Coronavirus Situation

Dear customer,

As we all have to adjust daily to this ever-changing pandemic, WECO is currently working diligently to maintain our commitments to our customers.

Due to the current situation and current government directives, our corporate headquarters and some of our worldwide manufacturing facilities are currently operating with limited capacity to serve our customers and team members. Under consideration of these restrictions we continue to manufacture our products. In addition, we are currently implementing further measures to ensure production in the near future and to prevent delivery delays. Should delivery times change despite these measures, our sales team will contact you in an appropriate time to inform you and coordinate the further procedure with you. Please understand that for new orders the order confirmation will arrive with a time delay.

The steps taken are to ensure the continuity of supply under the currently changing conditions. We have also established a business continuity plan and taken steps to ensure the health and well-being of our customers, team members and families.

The current situation and the effects on the economy are currently difficult to predict. Especially for basic materials WECO is also dependent on its suppliers. We at WECO are of the opinion that clear communication plays a decisive role in these difficult times. Therefore we are committed to a continuous and transparent communication with you to keep you informed about the situation at WECO.

Your secure working relationship with WECO is our priority.

Yours sincerely,

Detlef Fritsch
General Manager (EMEIAB)

March 30, 2020