WECO's Commitment during Coronavirus Situation

Dear customer,

As we are progressing through the first pandemic wave, WECO sees more and more stability at the horizon. While our team continues working diligently to maintain our commitments to our customers, we are already noticing the first signs of relaxation in this tense phase.

Our Europe and Canadian factories continue gaining additional capacity to ship orders while operating in full compliance with health authorities’ instructions and essential services requirements. If that stabilization continues, WECO foresees to be over 80% capacity in the next few weeks. We continues maintaining “high alert” mode to support pandemic fight through providing connectivity products to customers in the medical, food, security, infrastructure, transportation fields.

In collaboration with health authorities around the world, our North America, Asia, Brazil and Mexico Sales and Customer Service Departments, and Management team are safe and continue working remotely while, our German based EMEIA factory and offices are safe and remain fully operational.

We would like to assure you that orders and deliveries of our products continue being processed as quickly as possible. Although this is improving, should your deliveries be impacted by unforeseen changes, our team will contact you to manage case by case. Please take note, that despite our best efforts, you surely understand there could be occasional delays at responding to your requests.

Our supply chain remains solid and supportive of market demand; feel free to ask our team to help if you are still faced with supply issues. We continue adapting and executing our business continuity plan and continue taking precautions to ensure the health and satisfaction of our customers, team members and families. We at WECO believe that clear communication plays a crucial role in these difficult times and we are committed to continuous communication as the situation develops.

Your secure working relationship with WECO is our priority.

Yours sincerely,

Detlef Fritsch
General Manager (EMEIAB)

Update April 23, 2020